**Above Pic: Sweet Cheeks New & Used Children's Store 1st location in Garson, Ontario.

Who We Are

Hey everyone, I am so excited to have opened another Children's store!  You may know, this is my second Sweet Cheeks location!  I opened the first one back in 2006 in Garson, ON and sold it in 2010 when we moved back to Wellington North.  It is still there operating today!

Wondering how I picked the name?

"Sweet Cheeks" was my oldest daughters nickname when she was just 1 year old back when I opened my first store!

My kiddos Sierra, Mariah & Travis are excited for this new venture too!

   I love running this business!

  I am very happy to bring​ it here to Arthur!

Melanie Smith

*About Us* 


Mission And Vision

Our Mission

It is our mission to bring quality new and used items into the store for retail in person as Covid allows, and online sales with the mindset of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  All Covid safety measures in place!

Our Vision

We aim to be a premier re use shop providing customers with a very afordable option to buying and selling things for their children, saving and making  money! All this while helping the environment by implementing the three R's.

Thank you to our amazing supporters!